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Mission Statement

business_meeting_07We provide top notch professional educational courses, seminars, and guest speakers that increase and enhance the knowledge and skills of anyone affiliated with a private or public funded project requiring any discipline of right-of-way associated work.

The Chapter additionally provides and promotes a forum to share ideas, discuss challenges and solutions, and build relationships with other professionals in the industry.

IRWA Policies and Procedures – April 2020

Who we are…

Chapter One is the founding Chapter of the International Right of Way Association.

(article “The First Twenty Five Years” )

The members of Chapter One come from all walks of life such as Transportation Authorities and Departments, Water and School Districts, Public Works and Redevelopment Agencies, Utilities companies, Railroads, and private consultants such as appraisers, title specialists, acquisition agents, attorneys, relocation assistance agents, and right-of-way and civil engineers.

business_meeting_04The body of chapter members has an unparalleled wealth of experience and expertise in the aforementioned disciplines. Participation in our educational conferences, classes, and networking events is always a highly valuable and rewarding experience.

Chapter One continues to excel in “Professionalism”!  At the annual IRWA Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June, 2004, Chapter One was the proud recipient of the “Gene Land Award” for most new members.

Members of the Chapter One Board strive to provide the best in education, training, networking, and social events for all members and Right-of-Way professionals.  There continues to be increased participation at the Board level and it is very strong with regard to advancement, goals, and objectives.

The Association has articulated the following Vision Statement and formulated the following Major Strategies to achieve the vision and core purposes:

Vision Statement:

“The International Right of Way Association will be the worldwide leader for innovation and excellence in the acquisition and management of right of way and public use infrastructure.”


Major Strategies:

idea-xxlStrategy 1: Offer a wide range of education and professional development opportunities reflecting the diverse needs of stakeholders in the right of way profession.

Strategy 2:  Develop a diverse community and network of empowered stakeholders within the right of way profession.

Strategy 3: Expand worldwide leadership and influence of the IRWA through the integration of best practices, techniques and standards in the right of way profession.

Strategy 4: Develop IRWA’s resources and practice responsible stewardship to achieve our vision.

IRWA Partners

business_handshake_02As part of the Association’s strategic initiatives to create a right of way community and facilitate collaboration, IRWA has entered into partnering agreements with federal agencies that share common purposes and values.

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More about Chapter One:

Chapter One is located in one of the most desirable areas of the country, beautiful Southern California.  Embedded underneath the palms of Hollywood, beaches of Venice, and year-round mild climate, LA people enjoy their homes, entertainment, music, and hobbies.

Los Angeles symbolizes Chapter 1 as the Chapter of “Excitement”!  With a diverse ethnicity of many cultures and people, you can travel anywhere in the County and find yourself among surfers on the beaches, concerts on the plaza, and cuisines of vast choices.

We welcome your interest and participation in the quest for professional excellence in the Right of Way industry!