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By: Alexandra Nguyen Rivera, SR/WA and Craig Justesen RW-RAC Credentialing Update Credentialing demonstrates a specialized industry-based knowledge and skill set as well as a commitment to professional development and performance excellence. IRWA offers a curriculum pathway of progressive credentialing options for infrastructure professionals who function as an Industry Generalist and offers three paths: RWA, RWP, […]

Roy Guinaldo has been with Overland, Pacific & Cutler, LLC for the past 18 years. He is a Senior Project Manager in Acquisitions. Prior to Overland Pacific & Cutler he worked for 14 years in Real Estate Sales. Roy intends to pursue his IRWA credentials and was also a prior member and is now rejoining […]

By Sergio Huezo, Education Chair Can you believe it’s been exactly two years since we cancelled our last in-person class and started up virtual courses? Virtual courses have been the normal way of learning since then and even appear to be the preferred method of learning. Virtual learning has created an opportunity for participants to […]

BY: Micole Alfaro We would like to extend our congratulations to members who have recently achieved certification credentials or have begun the path toward certification. As we celebrate these accomplishments, we are reminded of the difference one person can make. In 1934, Frank C. Balfour, a right-of-way agent employed by the California Division of Highways […]

Sergio Huezo, Education Chair 2021 was a year full of transition, from relocating jobs and homes, working from home full time, and even learning in a virtual platform with attendees across the nation. With that being said, I want to make education a focal point for Chapter 1 to better prepare its members for career […]

It’s my honor to serve as Professional Development Committee Chair for Chapter 1. I have been fortunate to be a part of some great teams that have contributed to major projects around the State and develop with support from former associates, managers and mentors – that is my hope for our members. As PDC Chair […]