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Issue #2020-2021, Q4
June 30, 2021
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Ann Kulikoff

President's Message

It’s been an honor serving as President this past year. As I mentioned in previous newsletters, I was very fortunate to serve with a very supportive Board, listed below.. Thank you to everyone who served with me this year. Although it was a difficult year, it did not keep our Chapter from persevering through the challenges.
  • Craig Justesen, President Elect
  • Diana Knezevic, Treasurer
  • Alexandra Nguyen-Rivera, Secretary
  • Micole Alfaro, Professional Development
  • Alana Edwards and Steve Parent, Co-Chairs Oil & Gas
  • Artin N. Shaverdian and David Graeler, Co-Chairs 2024 Conference Bid
  • April Harvey, Pipeline
  • Brian Everett & Marilyn Stuart, Co-Chairs Acquisition
  • David Nevarez and Vicente Villegas, Co-Chairs Utilities
  • David Richman, Relocation
  • Diane Dominguez, Membership
  • Janelle Parra and John Kalish, Agency Co-Chairs
  • Julie Del Rivo and Cheryl DeMucci, Transportation Co-Chairs
  • Mike Yoshiba, Law
  • Maya Hamouie, Young Professional
  • Neidy Pinuelas, Asset Management
  • Nick Szamet, Webmaster
  • Paul Norlen, Valuation
  • Ray Mehler, Project Management
  • Sergio Huezo, Education
  • Uri Jimenez, Engineering
  • William Larsen, Nominations & Elections
  • William O’Braitis, Environmental
This year’s accomplishments include:
  • Highly successful 29th virtual Valuation Seminar.
  • Member virtual classes Voucher Program
  • Scholarship Recipients virtual classes
  • Improvements to Newsletter – Result in Reduction of valuable volunteer hours from 40 down to 2 hours & cost. Use of website plugin paid for 3 years ago when website was updated.
  • Continued Improvements to Website – Increase ease of use and best source for Chapter information.
  • Board Selection – Identifying representation of industry/agencies & consultants resulting in powerful networking & mentoring opportunities for Chapter Board & members.
  • Improved banking and finance efficiency.
Thanks to all of our members for getting the word out about IRWA. As a result our Chapter managed to thrive and grow. So much so, Chapter 1 was recognized at this year’s IRWA conference in San Antonio as the winner of the Gene L. Land Award for the highest numerical gain in membership. I was very proud to accept the award on behalf of our Chapter & Members. Congratulations Chapter 1 for this great accomplishment.

I am also grateful for all the support and help I received from Headquarters: Tim Drennan, Rakhshan Mazarei, Nathan Cruzado and Jade Meador, Sergey Yushkevich, Mariah Carrillo, and Sylvia Smith.

It was a wonderful opportunity to serve and represent our Chapter. Looking forward to seeing you at future events. They will be posted on our website soon

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Executive Board - Craig Justesen-President, April Harvey-President Elect, Alexandra Nguyen-Rivera, and Janelle Parra-Secretary – Expect great things from this team!!
Gene L. Land Award
Craig Justesen

President Elect's Message

Thank you Chapter 1 members for entrusting me with the Presidency in the upcoming year. Working 20+ years in the right of way industry has provided opportunities for me to get to know a large number of Chapter 1 members, but there are still many I’ve yet to meet. The Executive Board and I are looking forward to seeing familiar faces and getting to know new faces as we finally begin hosting in-person events including luncheons, seminars, and classes.

In the next month the Board and I will be working on the events calendar, so please keep an eye out for Chapter updates via e-mail and on the Chapter’s website at
Lastly, I want to thank outgoing Chapter President Ann Kulikoff for leading us during a very challenging year. Despite having limited interaction over the last year, Ann and her team had tremendous success in growing Chapter membership. Ann and her team’s efforts were recognized at this year’s Annual Education Conference where the Chapter was awarded the Gene L. Land Award for the Highest Numerical Gain in Membership. Great job Ann!

Again, look forward to seeing you all at upcoming events and stayed tuned for an engaging year.


Craig Justesen

2021-22 Presidency Proposed Initiatives:
  • In-person events
  • Restructuring Newsletter Advertisement Fees
  • Communication Chair
  • Chapter 1 Instagram and/or Podcast
  • Invite calls and e-mails with ideas

2021-2022 Executive Board

President & International Voting Director

Craig Justesen

President-Elect & International Voting Director

April Harvey


Headshot Alexandra Nguyen Rivera


Janelle Parra
Janelle Parra

LA City Jobs and Business Opportunities

BY: Janelle Parra

It has been a year and three months since the City of Los Angeles’ (City) Mayor Garcetti issued the “Stay-at-Home” order. Many City departments did not have a telecommuting policy at that time. However, as a resilient City, we managed to continue business as usual in the comfort of our homes. Some us had to do it …
Reopening and the Future

Reopening and the Future

BY: Julie Del Rivo, Transportation Chair

California reopened this week. Now that we can all get together again, how will we get there? In the public transportation sector, it will certainly be more equitably, with more choice, more sustainably and more connected. Equity - At the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual meeting in 2021 the Chicago Transit Authority President, Dorval …
Sergio Huezo Picture

2021-2022 Professional Development Courses

Sergio Huezo, Education Chair

7/12/2021 - 7/13/2021
Principles of Real Estate Negotiations
Environmental Due Diligence and Liability
8/3/2021 - 8/4/2021
Introduction to Property/Asset Management
8/18/2021 - 8/19/2021
Bargaining Negotiations
9/8/2021 - 9/9/2021
Principles of Real Estate Law
Engineering Plan Development and Application
10/5/2021 - 10/6/2021
Principles of Real Estate Appraisal
Legal Aspects of Easements
Real Property Services Compliance Requirements Training

Real Property Services Compliance Requirements Training

BY: Neidy Pinuelas

A Local Public Agency Property Management Practice Program Review was completed May 20, 2019 by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The purpose of the review was to determine if Local Public Agency (LPA) management of real property assets purchased with Federal-aid funds is being carried out in conformance with federal requirements. There were some compliance issues found …