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Issue #2020-2021, Q1
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August, 31, 2020


Ann Kulikoff

President's Message

Connecting Through Challenging Times

BY: Ann Kulikoff

As we find ourselves in a year unlike any other, there is no question that there have been many changes and challenges in the world. Our daily lives have been altered as we have all felt the impacts of COVID19. The only difference is the varying degrees this situation has affected everyone. I hope …
Professional Development Committee Chair

Professional Development Committee Chair

BY: Micole Alfaro

It’s my honor to serve as Professional Development Committee Chair for Chapter 1. I have been fortunate to be a part of some great teams that have contributed to major projects around the State and develop with support from former associates, managers and mentors – that is my hope for our members. As PDC Chair my role is to help …
Dave Richman Picture

Relocation Chair

The Relocation Network

David Richman

The IRWA, especially at the Chapter level, is a great resource for education and networking. The relationships that you develop by being a member, attending meetings and seminars, allows one to ask questions and provide a contact for resolving issues or as a sounding board. In relocation, these sounding boards prove to be invaluable. Relocation law is …
Ray Mehler

Project Management Chair

Ray Mahler, PMP

The Project Management Committee is pleased to announce that Alana Edwards has joined the committee as a Co-Chair. Alana has worked in oil and gas right of way for 25 years and is currently employed at Andeavor. She has project experience analyzing title and acquiring easements in Oklahoma and California. Alana has completed all courses for …
Vincente Villegas

Utilities Chair

Vicente Villegas

I would like to extend my appreciation to the IRWA Chapter 1 for inviting me to serve as the Utilities Chair for this year. Since starting my career at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, I have worked in the Right-of-Way Engineering Group as a Civil Engineer reviewing complex projects impacting our transmission …
Mike Yoshiba Picture

Law Chair

DEADLINE NOT GUIDELINE -Ten Years and Nineteen Days is Too Late Appellate Court Finds that California Public Agencies Must Act Within Ten Years to Reauthorize Resolution of Necessity

BY: Mike Yoshiba

In a recent California Appellate Court decision, Rutgard v. City of Los Angeles, the court lent some clarity to a statute that, with the passage of time, is now turning relevant. Code …
Sergio Huezo Picture

Education Chair

Sergio Huezo

We have now seen our world and our way of living change dramatically from this pandemic. From wearing masks to the grocery store to having our kid’s schools start the fall year with distant learning, it’s certainly a new way of living for most of us and adaptability is a necessity. In efforts …
April Harvey

Pipeline Chair

April Harvey

Alana Edwards

Oil & Gas Industry, Co-Chair

Right of Way Agent Working Remotely from Home During COVID-19

BY: Alana Edwards

I am a Right of Way Agent working in the LA Basin area, employed by Marathon Pipeline Company. I have been a Right of Way Agent managing land and real estate in the oil and gas pipeline industry for the past 24 plus years. A large portion of my job is maintaining good relationships with internal departments …
Mike Romo

Railroads and My Project - Can I Deliver On Time

BY: Michael S. Romo SR/WA, Principal – Senior Project Manager

Meeting project delivery deadlines when railroads are involved can be a difficult maze to get through with many obstacles to avoid. The key is proper planning, allowing adequate time in the schedule, and engaging the team early, and yes Railroads are part of your team. Developing a positive relationship with …