Let’s get to know Adriana Raza:

What is your current occupation?
Real Property Agent

What do you enjoy most about the eminent domain/right of way industry?
I’d have to say working with people!

What’s something about you that not many people know?
I’m a little bit of an adrenaline junkie, love roller coasters!

What’s the last book you read?
Because I’m currently in school, I don’t have much time for leisure reading but, I am halfway through two textbooks for Real Estate Principles and Operations Management. Not too exciting but, definitely informative!

What’s the first concert you ever attended?
Goodness, this is going to definitely date me but, my first concert was Depeche Mode. I had such a great time, I went to see them a number of times after that in multiple states!

What’s the next place on your travel bucket list?
My next travel bucket list is definitely Australia but, I have a few other shorter trips before I can get to that one!