The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Annual Outreach Event

By: Noelle Vest

Each spring, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Metropolitan) hosts an outreach event with the goal of introducing attendees to the right of way industry, presenting an opportunity to learn more about public agency practices. This event also promotes student internships and career opportunities within Metropolitan’s Real Property Group.

This year, Metropolitan held its 6th annual outreach event, the third held virtually. It featured an introduction to Metropolitan and right of way, a panel of speakers from various roles in the Real Property Group, and a breakout session highlighting an internship opportunity and how to apply.

Metropolitan’s commitment to hosting this event annually is well worth the effort. The benefits are twofold: students and the public can learn more about a niche industry in real estate not taught about in schools, and potential candidates are enlightened on career opportunities they may not have known of before.

Metropolitan spotlights different speakers and discussion topics from year to year, but the focus on right of way education and the invitation to get involved remains at the core. This event is a valuable opportunity to shed light on what right of way entails and the various ways to get involved. For students and new professionals, this is great exposure to an enriching and dynamic field of work.

The event also facilitates a networking environment that could open doors for potential candidates, allowing them to interface directly with public agency right of way professionals. Creating this opportunity is one of the key reasons Metropolitan continues to host this event every year.

Whether it be virtual, in-person or hybrid, you can look forward to this outreach event each spring. If you’d like to be added to a mailing list to be notified when the next one is scheduled, please email [email protected].