On August 1, 2022, the world lost a true pioneer in relocation services, David Stadler.

David Stadler was one of the original founders of Pacific Relocation Consultants, which later becoming Overland, Pacific & Cutler in 2003. Over his long career as a relocation advisor, he was well-loved by his peers and respected for his knowledge of the Uniform Act and relocation law. We take solace and pride in the incredible legacy that he left behind, the impact that his work has had across LA County and the state, and the contributions he made to building OPC.

In 1980, David Stadler founded Pacific Relocation Consultants, which he grew into one of the largest and most respected relocation assistance firms in California. David Stadler was later joined at the helm by Barry McDaniel, Steve Oliver, Marek Karon, and Mark La Bonte. As Pacific Relocation Consultants, the firm had participated in such landmark projects as the World Trade Center in Long Beach, the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Petco Park in San Diego, and the expansion of LA Metro’s light rail system.

Throughout the 1990s, Pacific Relocation Consultants grew to over 60 staff. Under David’s leadership, the Long Beach-based company also established offices in San Diego, the Palm Springs area, and Northern California. As the company joined forces with Overland Resources and Cutler & Associates to become OPC in 2003, the groundwork that David laid provided the foundation for the company to grow nationwide in all aspects of right of way services.

David’s work and life touched many people. What mattered most to David was an unequivocal love for his wife, daughters, and grandchildren. Around the office, he was known for his quick wit and sharp humor that would make the workday more fun.

In addition to his care for family, friends, and colleagues, David also had a great passion for playing guitar. Long before a career in relocation assistance, David, along with Jerry Sackett, Richard Hoffman, and Tony Guidice, had a band out of Manhattan Beach, California, called the Vibrants. Always on the cutting edge, David and the Vibrants helped to make surf music into what we all know and love. In 1962, his band played at least eight shows opening for the Beach Boys at some of their earliest shows, playing at local venues and events. The band released a single in 1962 on Triumph Records, which David co-wrote the A-side of called “Scorpion.” The Los Angeles Times did an article published in 1989 about the “New Wave of Surf Music Popularity“, interviewing David and other surf band members.

Listen to David and the rest of the Vibrants playing “Scorpion” here: https://youtu.be/wU4blpkJaLY

Visit his tribute page at https://www.opcservices.com/david-stadler-tribute/

by Brian Everett, OPC/TranSystems