I’m still feeling uplifted after Chapter 1’s first real in-person event in over 2 years, which was a great success! This was the Chapter’s year to host the annual Chapter 1/Appraisal Institute Joint Luncheon. The luncheon was held Thursday March 31st at Quiet Cannon. With nearly 50 attendees, it was one of the most well attended events both pre- and semi-post COVID.

I want to thank the panelists, Madeline Mamuax and Marcus Pigrom of DM&A, and Elina Antoniou of BDG Law Group, who together presented the thought-provoking topic of “There’s a Higher and Best Use, Now What?” The presentation was very informative and was delivered with levity and natural ease.  

I also want to thank Jacinto Munoz and Lianna Ayala with the Appraisal Institute for helping coordinate the event. Additionally, I’d like to recognize Diane Dominguez, Liset Corona, and Laura Flores for all their help from registration to raffle, and to making sure I made it to the right venue and on time.


A clear takeaway from the event is that members are ready to get back to networking, learning, and socializing. As we rushed to get through the raffle, event personnel had to diplomatically ask lingering attendees to leave, as many of us extended the luncheon to catch up with each other on work and our personal lives.

There were many raffle prizes to be awarded, but it was John Beck who was all smiles after his number was pulled for the golden bag and was the big winner taking home a $100 gas card.

Hot on the heels of the Joint Luncheon was the Region 1 Spring Forum. Like the Joint Luncheon, the forum was a well-attended in-person event. The Region representatives were joined by International Executive Committee Treasurer Fred Easton and our Region 1 Chairs Mike Flanagan, Ray Mehler, and Connor McDonald. The forum covered topics including budgets, education, nominees, and elections.

An important update regarding the SR/WA pathway was presented during the forum. Please continue through the newsletter for this update along with other informative articles.

As we continue to gain momentum with in-person events, please keep an eye out for scheduled activities.

Upcoming events:

  • April 20, 2022 – Board of Directors Meeting – (Virtual)
  • April Happy Hour – TBD Stay Tuned
  • May 24th – Valuation Seminar – Rio Hondo
  • June 5-8 – Annual Education Conference – Cleveland

Lastly, I want to pay respects to Barry McDaniel who passed away early this year. Barry was instrumental in the right of way industry with his passion and focus on redevelopment. I was fortunate to work alongside Barry while he served as CEO, mentor, and educator. I encourage all readers to take the time to read the Celebration of Life included in this newsletter.

As always, feed free to contact me at [email protected] for questions, comments, or recommendations.

Thank you all and look forward to seeing you soon.

Craig Justesen