Sergio Huezo Picture

By Sergio Huezo, Education Chair

Can you believe it’s been exactly two years since we cancelled our last in-person class and started up virtual courses? Virtual courses have been the normal way of learning since then and even appear to be the preferred method of learning. Virtual learning has created an opportunity for participants to meet with colleagues not only across the nation but even countries. Although a lot of us miss interacting with our peers in person, these courses provide us the opportunity to learn about the different processes, regulations, and examples of what our peers from other regions encounter in their field of expertise.

I highly encourage that you experience one of these virtual courses in order to meet new people, make connections, and learn. Our right of way niche is constantly evolving and remember to make use of the free one-day class voucher that is a benefit with your membership. Below is a list of the upcoming virtual offerings for the remainder of our fiscal year.

Upcoming courses:

703 Real Property/Asset Management May 11, 2022
SR/WA Study session & comprehensive exam June 22-24, 2022


Below you will find a list of some of the potential offerings for the next fiscal year.

100 Principals of Land Acquisition July – 2022
900 Principals of Real Estate Engineering August – 2022
213 Conflict Management September – 2022
102 Elevating Your Ethical Awareness October – 2022
105 The Uniform Act Executive Summary November – 2022
600 Environmental Awareness December – 2022


Do you have any specific courses you would like to take? If so, I would like to hear from you, contact me at [email protected].