By: Alexandra Nguyen Rivera, SR/WA and Craig Justesen RW-RAC

Credentialing Update

Credentialing demonstrates a specialized industry-based knowledge and skill set as well as a commitment to professional development and performance excellence. IRWA offers a curriculum pathway of progressive credentialing options for infrastructure professionals who function as an Industry Generalist and offers three paths: RWA, RWP, and SR/WA. Each of these credentials is granted to members who have achieved professional status through experience, education, and examination in several major Right of Way disciplines.

Below are the program updates as provided by the International Professional Education Committee (IPEC) in the recent Region 1 Spring Forum:

  • While examining the SR/WA Industry-Specific Pathways Program, the IPEC Credentialing Subcommittee wanted to ensure that the SR/WA was still serving our membership’s needs.
  • IPEC Credentialing Subcommittee designed and sent an all-members survey in January 2021.
  • The findings revealed significant support for a return to a single SR/WA pathway program.
  • IPEC Credentialing Subcommittee developed a more robust and comprehensive program that will better prepare our members for a diverse range of right of way experiences.

What’s Changed

  1. The IRWA coursework requirements in all three levels (RWA, RWP and SR/WA) have been increased to 272 total credit hours to be more inclusive of all right of way disciplines and to better prepare members for application in their professions.
  2. All members pursuing the RWA, RWP and SR/WA will now be required to complete a declaration of candidacy form that will allow IRWA to track what each candidate is working towards.

Declaration of Candidacy Requirement

All IRWA members who are currently pursuing the SR/WA can select from one of two


  1. Stay on your current industry-specific pathway•
    • You will be required to complete and submit a Declaration of Candidacy Form to your
    • Chapter Professional Development Committee Chair by no later than December 31, 2022, or you will automatically be placed into the new program.
      1. No fee will be charged.
      2. You will have five years from December 31 to complete all the requirements in your
    • industry-specific pathway.
  1. Migrate to the new single SR/WA Pathway Program
  • You will be required to complete and submit a Declaration of Candidacy Form to your Chapter Professional Development Committee Chair.
  • Pay a standard $50 fee for the SR/WA and a $25 fee for the RWA and RWP.

The changes to the requirements continue to show IRWA’s commitment of how right of way professionals enhance people’s quality of life through infrastructure development. If there are any questions, I encourage you to reach out to our Education Chair, Sergio Huezo, or PDC Chair, Micole Alfaro.