BY: Micole Alfaro

We would like to extend our congratulations to members who have recently achieved certification credentials or have begun the path toward certification. As we celebrate these accomplishments, we are reminded of the difference one person can make.

In 1934, Frank C. Balfour, a right-of-way agent employed by the California Division of Highways (now Caltrans) founded a member-led organization called IRWA. That same year, the first IRWA meeting was attended by fourteen right-of-way professionals.

Today, IRWA provides educational and credentialing opportunities for over 7,000 multi-disciplined professional members worldwide across 15 countries, including 10 regions and 70 chapters that promote career growth and enable professionals to make a difference in their communities.

IRWA provides a generalist path and a specialist career path, both of which can be achieved through taking IRWA courses. Visit the IRWA website ( and click the Education and Credentialling Concierge tabs. There you will find simple to navigate information on credentialing paths, requirements and courses that can be taken online, individually or as part earning a credential.

As an incentive, Chapter 1 provides a voucher to all members that can be credited toward 8-hours of coursework. Please contact our PDC Chair, Micole Alfaro at [email protected], or our Education Chair, Sergio Huezo at [email protected] for questions and to assist you in accomplishing your career goals.