Presented by Diane Dominguez New Member Chair

Roy Guinaldo has been with Overland, Pacific & Cutler, LLC for the past 18 years.  He is a Senior Project Manager in Acquisitions.  Prior to Overland Pacific & Cutler he worked  for 14 years in Real Estate Sales.  Roy intends to pursue his IRWA credentials and was also a prior member and is now rejoining our chapter.

Nicole Valdez has been with Integra Realty Resources for over two years as a Senior Analyst. Nicole has over 7 years of right of way experience and was previously employed with Riggs & Riggs, Inc.   Nicole was a previous member and is also interested in taking continuing education classes through IRWA.   

Adriana Raza has been with Los Angeles County Sanitation District for 14 years. Adriana was recently promoted to Real Property Agent for the Property Management Section in the Planning Department.  Previous experience was as a Recruitment Service Manager for property management companies.   Adriana is interested in pursuing IRWA Right of Way Credentials and LACSD promotes employees to join IRWA.

Brian Bergman has been with BDG Law Group since 2009 as a shareholder and is head of the eminent domain practice.  Brian has 9 years of right of way experience with direct eminent domain experience for transportation agencies, as well as environmental and construction law.  Prior to BDG, he worked at Weston Benshoof (now Alston Bird).   Brian  has attended several IRWA events in-person and online over the years and is interested in attending future virtual education classes and seminars.

Lauren Dewitt  has been with Overland, Pacific and Cutler(OPC)  for 2 years assisting in property management as a relocation agent and analyst.   Prior to joining OPC she was working in the field of Escrow.  Lauren is interested in attending IRWA classes and seminars.  Norma Jacquez recommended she join IRWA Chapter 1.