By:  David Graeler

Artin Shaverdian and I, as co-chairs of the 2024 Education Conference Bid Committee, are pleased to announce that Chapter 1 has been formally awarded the honor of hosting the 2024 Annual Education Conference in Long Beach.  During a meeting we had on Friday, October 1st with International President Jake Farrell and with IRWA Director of Events Jade Meador, Artin and I learned that the International Governance Council is very excited about Long Beach serving as the host city and the Long Beach Convention Center being our venue.  The 2024 Education Conference will mark the 90th Anniversary for Chapter 1 and for the IRWA, so it’s a perfect time to bring the conference home to the Los Angeles area!  A formal announcement will be made by IRWA very soon, but we wanted all of Chapter 1 to hear the good news from us first!  There will be a need for volunteers as the conference date approaches, so we hope that you’ll join us in the coming years to help make this a hugely successful event!