Sergio Huezo Picture

Sergio Huezo, Education Chair

2021 was a year full of transition, from relocating jobs and homes, working from home full time, and even learning in a virtual platform with attendees across the nation. With that being said, I want to make education a focal point for Chapter 1 to better prepare its members for career growth, changes, and opportunities. Below you will see the upcoming list of courses for the 2022 year culminated by the SR/WA study session & comprehensive exam.

The Chapter is pleased to announce voucher can be applied toward Head Quarters sponsored courses.  Please visit for more details on the voucher program and for the Chapter 1 scheduled classes listed below.

1/5/22 403 Easement Valuation
10/5/21 – 10/6/21 400 Principles of Real Estate Appraisal
11/4/2021 802 Legal Aspects of Easements
11/16/21 – 11/17/21 700 Introduction to Property/Asset Management
12/6/21 – 12/7/21 200 Principal of Real Estate Negotiations
2/7/22 – 2/10/22 421 Valuation of Partial Acquisition
3/15/22 – 3/16/22 803 Eminent Domain Law Basics for Right of Way Professionals
4/19/22 – 4/21/22 201 Communications in Real Estate Acquisitions
5/11/2022 703 Real Property/Asset Management
6/22/21 – 6/24/21 SR/WA Study session & comprehensive exam