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David Richman

The IRWA, especially at the Chapter level, is a great resource for education and networking. The relationships that you develop by being a member, attending meetings and seminars, allows one to ask questions and provide a contact for resolving issues or as a sounding board.

In relocation, these sounding boards prove to be invaluable. Relocation law is not always “red or green” (being politically correct), but doesn’t address every situation. As we well know and even after 20 years, there is always some new situation analyzed and implemented using the framework that we practice under.

Unfortunately, with Covid-19, we have had to change how we develop and utilize our network opportunities. With that in mind, and as the relocation chairperson (also being politically correct), I would like to propose to the members of Chapter 1, the Relocation Network. So how would it work?

If you have a situation or question that you would like to discuss, you would e-mail me at [email protected] a short description of the topic. We would then arrange a zoom call, or its equivalent, with seasoned panel members, yourself, along with anyone else from the Chapter that would like to join in on the discussion. The discussion should provide different perspectives on your topic and perhaps solutions to your concerns.

Let’s expand our networks together!